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Key to abbreviations:
   Tr = Treble
   S = Soprano
   M = Mean or Mezzo-Soprano
   A = Alto
   T = Tenor
   Ba = Baritone
   Bba = Bass-baritone
   B = Bass
   Bpr = Basso profundo

Price Codes
(GBP - pounds sterling):
   AA - 1.50
   A - 2.00
   B - 2.50
   C - 3.00
   D - 3.50
   E - 4.00
   F - 4.50
   G - 5.00
   H - 5.50
   I   - 6.00
   J   - 6.50
   K - 7.00
   L - 7.50
   M - 8.00
   N - 8.50
   O - 9.00
   P - 9.50
   Q - 10.00

Sets of instrumental parts:
   a - 5.25
   b - 6.00
   c - 6.75
   d - 7.50
   e - 8.25
   f - 9.00

Individual viol parts - price on application.

Pandion Music - Publications

Verse Anthems

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Main Catalogue

VA1 series - Tudor and Jacobean Verse Anthems with Viols

VA1-1 Richard Alison - The sacred quire of angels (solo M, chorus MTTBaB, viols TrTTT/BB)
This fine anthem celebrates the foiling of the 1605 Gunpowder Plot (see also
John Amner: I will singe unto the Lord). It was published in 1606 in "an howre's Recreation in Musick" and is Alison's only known verse anthem. It is in triple time throughout, using the rhythms of the galliard.
   vocal score price B
   set of viol parts price b

VA1-1A Richard Alison - The sacred quire of angels transposed up a third (solo S, chorus SATTB, viols TrTTTB)
This transposition may be more appropriate for modern choirs that the original (above).
   vocal score price B
   set of viol parts price b

VA1-2 Two verse anthems by William Stonard -
  • Harken all yee people (solo M, chorus MTTBaB, viols TrTTT/B/B)
  • Behold, how good and joyful (solo MM, chorus MMTBaB, viols TrTrTT/B/B)
Stonard was organist and master of the choristers of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford from 1608 to 1631. In these two anthems, the verse sections are in imitative polyphony, with some quirky rhythms, while the choruses are more homophonic, in a strong harmonic idiom. At the end of the second piece there is a fine Amen which is worthy to sing at the end of a service.
   vocal score price E
   set of viol parts price e

VA1-3 William White - Almighty Lord (solo and chorus MMTTBaB, viols TrTrTTT/BB)
The verse sections are mostly duets (two means, two tenors, baritone and bass) with rich six-part polyphony in the fine choruses. An impressive piece.
   vocal score price E
   set of viol parts price e

VA1-4 John Mundy - Sing joyfully (solo B, chorus MTTBaB, viols TrTr/TTT/BB)
This anthem really takes its opening text to heart. Cascading lines in imitation and block harmonies in dance-like rhythms alternate. The bass soloist needs a good low D!
   vocal score price C
   set of viol parts price d

VA1-6 Martin Peerson - O that my wayes (solo TBa, chorus ATBaBaB or MMTTBaB with extended ending, viols TrTTT/BB or TrTrTTT/BB)
This appears in the (c.1616) source in two versions. The earlier is for five voices and viols with no chorus. This is expanded in the second version by the addition of a six-voice chorus at the end of each section. Peerson's musical language includes unusual chromaticisms and unprepared dissonances.
   vocal score price D
   set of viol parts price e

See also AM-29 - A 21st-century verse anthem with viols and organ.

VA4 series - Later verse anthems with organ

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VA4-1 M. Greene - Lord, let me know mine end
   Solo SS, chorus SATB, organ
Perhaps Greene's most well-known anthem, this is quite masterly. The solemn writing is underpinned by a magnificent walking bass and the three sections (chorus-verse-chorus) express the different emotions of the text beautifully.
The end is a real tear-jerker.

   vocal score price D

VA4-2 M. Greene - My God, my God, look upon me
   Solo T, chorus SSTBaB, organ
A remarkable work, with much of the organ part written out in full by Greene. It is a dramatic setting for Good Friday of text from Psalms 22 and 38 with a substantial tenor solo involving recitative and aria and emotionally-charged choruses.
   vocal score price E

VA4-3 IN PREPARATION M. Greene - O Lord, grant the king a long life

VA4-4 IN PREPARATION M. Greene - Arise, shine, O Zion

VA4-5 IN PREPARATION M. Greene - O sing unto the Lord a new song

VA4-6 IN PREPARATION M. Greene - Thou, O God, art praised in Zion

VA4-7 IN PREPARATION M. Greene - O give thanks unto the Lord

VA4-11 IN PREPARATION W. Croft - The earth is the Lord's

VA4-12 IN PREPARATION W. Croft - Lord, what love have I

VA4-21 G. Jeffreys - The Lord in thy adversity
   Solo and chorus SATBaB, organ
This is one of many superb devotional settings composed by Jeffreys. His characteristic chromaticisms, stretched harmonies and quirky cadences are much to the fore. The textures are very varied and, as usual with Jeffreys' work, the bass soloist needs a strong low D.
   vocal score price F

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