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Key to abbreviations:
   Tr = Treble
   S = Soprano
   M = Mean or Mezzo-Soprano
   A = Alto
   T = Tenor
   Ba = Baritone
   Bba = Bass-baritone
   B = Bass
   Bpr = Basso profundo

Price Codes
(GBP - pounds sterling):
   AA - 1.50
   A - 2.00
   B - 2.50
   C - 3.00
   D - 3.50
   E - 4.00
   F - 4.50
   G - 5.00
   H - 5.50
   I   - 6.00
   J   - 6.50
   K - 7.00
   L - 7.50
   M - 8.00
   N - 8.50
   O - 9.00
   P - 9.50
   Q - 10.00

Sets of instrumental parts:
   a - 5.25
   b - 6.00
   c - 6.75
   d - 7.50
   e - 8.25
   f - 9.00

Individual viol parts - price on application.

Pandion Music - Publications

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PM1   George Jeffreys   Hosanna Filio David   
   Motet for SSATB soli, SSATBaB chorus, organ
This motet shows many of Jeffreys' idiosyncracies: quirky cadences, often involving augmented triads, bass lines which suddenly erupt into fast-moving melismas or abrupt register changes and surprisingly dissonant harmonies. Five soloists are needed, including a highly flexible bass with a two-octave range down to low D. The opening and closing choruses are magnificent.
   vocal score price D

PM3    Michael East    When David heard
   Anthem for six voices: SSATBaB
One of many early 17th-century settings of this text, which mourn the death of Prince Henry, elder son of King James I, this is a most impassioned work. It ranks with the better-known settings by Tomkins and Weelkes, and deserves to be far wider known.
   vocal score price B

PM4    Michael East    Sweet Muses
   Pastoral for solo S, chorus SMATB and viols TrTrTr/TTB
This is a delightful work, called Pastoral in the original 1610 print, for solo soprano with a quite literal echo and cheery choruses, mostly to nonsense syllables.
   vocal score price C
   set of viol parts price c

PM5    John Amner    I will singe unto the Lord
   Anthem for five voices: ATTBaB
Described in the 1615 source as "an Alleluia in memory of the gunpowder day", this piece has some tricky moments of cross-rhythms and metre. After the fast and furious triple-time opening, the actual Alleluia seems like the calming of the storm. See
Richard Alison: The sacred quire of angels for another Gunpowder plot piece.
   vocal score price B

PM5A   John Amner    I will singe unto the Lord transposed up a third
   Anthem for five voices: SAATB
This transposition may be more appropriate for modern choirs than the original (see above).
   vocal score price B

PM6    John Amner    Now that the citie
    Anthem for five voices: ATTBaB
This is dark, with deep thick textures entirely appropriate to the words, which are taken from Lamentations, Matthew and Luke. A very imposing and rich setting.
   vocal score price B

PM6    George Jeffreys    Our Blessed Saviour
    A cycle of seven anthems for five voices and organ
  • Harke, Shepard Swaynes (for the Nativity) MMTBarB
  • Bussie Tyme this Day (Holy Innocents) MMTBarB
  • Brightest of Dayes (Epiphany) MATBarB
  • Whisper it easily (Good Friday) MMTBarB
  • Ryse hart, thy Lord is risen (Easter) MMTBarB
  • Looke upp, all eyes (Ascension) MMTBarB
  • A Musick Strange (Whitsun) MMTBarB
This is a cycle of seven devotional anthems for the Church year, written at a time when church music was forbidden in England! The unusual cadences, juxtaposition of register and texture, chromaticisms and dissonant harmonies that are hallmarks of Jeffreys' style, are all here, aptly summed up by the title of the seventh anthem (A Musick Strange)!
   vocal score price Q

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