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Key to abbreviations:
   Tr = Treble
   S = Soprano
   M = Mean or Mezzo-Soprano
   A = Alto
   T = Tenor
   Ba = Baritone
   Bba = Bass-baritone
   B = Bass
   Bpr = Basso profundo

Price Codes
(GBP - pounds sterling):
   AA - 1.50
   A - 2.00
   B - 2.50
   C - 3.00
   D - 3.50
   E - 4.00
   F - 4.50
   G - 5.00
   H - 5.50
   I   - 6.00
   J   - 6.50
   K - 7.00
   L - 7.50
   M - 8.00
   N - 8.50
   O - 9.00
   P - 9.50
   Q - 10.00

Sets of instrumental parts:
   a - 5.25
   b - 6.00
   c - 6.75
   d - 7.50
   e - 8.25
   f - 9.00

Individual viol parts - price on application.

Pandion Music - Publications

AM series - Music by Anthony Milledge

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AM24   Op.24   Three songs to poems by Leslie Minchin (for medium voice and piano)
  • Pulborough 1975
  • Crossing the Pennines
  • Time's Zenith
The poems were written by the late second husband of my ex- first cousin-in-law once removed, so I regard him as my uncle! Leslie Michin championed the singing of Lieder in English and produced superb singing translations of all the songs of Schubert, Schumann and Brahms. Alas, the publishing world has been too conservative to take them up, except a very few.
The idiom of these three songs is of the twentieth century, but I believe in music communicating emotionally with its audience and to that end there are tunes, harmonies which relate to one another and logical development...!

   vocal score price C

AM24A  Op.24a  Three songs to poems by Leslie Minchin (for high voice and piano)
See above
   vocal score price C

AM26A  Op.26, no. 2A   The Beatitudes (for choir SATB with divisions, organ) Op. 26 is a group of three canticle settings, composed for soloists, choir and orchestra, composed for the Canonbury Chamber Choir in 1989. The Beatitudes was arranged for choir and organ for David Jones, organist of Newby Church, Cumbria, for a choral festival in 1991. The work is pervaded by a solemn ritornello which frames twisting chromatic lines and evocative harmonic outbursts. The choral resources are SATB, each voice dividing into two and three, the latter at times when adjacent parts can help.
   vocal score price C

AM29    Op.29   I am a rose (for solo SATB, choir SSAATTBB, viols TrTrTTBB, organ)
This was composed in 2003 to end a concert of verse anthems from the Golden Age onwards, and so uses six viols and organ, a "verse" of SATB and double chorus. The music is intended to match the emotionally-charged text from the Song of Songs and uses the colours of the organ, viol consort and various groupings of singers to enhance this.
  • AM29-1   full score price L
  • AM29-2   vocal score price H
  • AM29-3 to AM29-8   set of viol parts - price b
  • AM29-9   organ score price F
    This piece is intended to be performed at A=415, but works also at A=440. To facilitate this, the organ score contains the organ part written at two pitches, and a rehearsal accompaniment transposed down a semitone.
AM33  Op.32   Variations and Fugue on an Old French Tune (for organ)
Twelve variations and a fugue on the old French tune known as the hymn tune Grafton ("To the name of our salvation"). Duration: 25 minutes. The piece offers the player some technical challenges and much scope for individual expression. The variations are grouped in four sets of three, each comprising 2 short variations followed by one longer one.
The work was first performed by the composer at Cartmel Priory on 26th January 2009.

   score price J

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Main Catalogue       Dyricke Gerarde;       English Verse Anthems;

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